Top 15 Upcoming Tattoo Artists of 2024 to Watch out For

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The tattoo industry is bigger, and way more competitive than it ever was. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that this resulted in a massive number of highly talented artists.

Now, I would like to discuss some upcoming stars of the industry you should be on the lookout for.

15. Curt Montgomery

Curt Montgomery

  • Stylish and elegant tattoo designs
  • Themes of death, sex, and humanity
  • Based in Toronto at Inside Out studio

Curt Montgomery is a well-known tattoo artist based in the city of Toronto.

He is renowned for his stylish and elegant tattoo designs that often explore complex themes such as:

  • Death
  • Sex
  • Human condition

Montgomery’s work captures the raw and intricate aspects of these subjects with remarkable finesse.

His approach to tattooing is both thought-provoking and visually captivating, allowing his designs to stand out in the crowded and competitive industry.

Montgomery operates out of Inside Out, his Toronto-based studio, which has become a hub for tattoo enthusiasts seeking unique and deeply meaningful body art.

14. Pony Wave

Pony Wave

  • Realistic and detailed tattoo designs
  • Lifelike quality and meticulous attention to detail
  • Based in Los Angeles

Pony Wave, a tattoo artist originally from Russia, has made a significant mark on the industry with her realistic and meticulously detailed designs.

Pony Wave’s work is characterized by its lifelike quality and exceptional attention to detail.

Her remarkable ability to create tattoos that resemble high-definition photographic images has earned her a dedicated following of admirers and clients.

13. Bang Bang Tattoo (Keith Scott McCurdy)

Keith Scott McCurdy

  • Versatile tattoo designs (black and grey, colorful pieces)
  • Celebrity clientele (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber)
  • Based in New York City

Keith Scott McCurdy, more widely recognized by his professional moniker “Bang Bang,” is the esteemed owner of the renowned Bang Bang Tattoo studio located in New York City.

His studio has become a sought-after destination for celebrities seeking high-quality, custom-tailored tattoos. Bang Bang’s impressive client list includes major stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber.

The studio’s impeccable reputation for excellence is a true testament to McCurdy’s exceptional talent and unwavering dedication.

12. Reese Hilburn

Reese Hilburn

  • Realistic tattoos with geometric and watercolor details
  • Vibrant colors and intricate patterns
  • Based in North County San Diego

Reese Hilburn is an acclaimed and award-winning artist who is celebrated for her remarkably realistic tattoo designs that often add both geometric and watercolor elements.

Based in the North County region of San Diego, Hilburn’s work is a distinctive blend of precise realism and inventive artistic creativity.

Her tattoos frequently feature vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns that add a unique and captivating touch to her otherwise lifelike depictions.

11. Ryan Ashley DiCristina

Ryan Ashley DiCristina

  • Detailed and intricate tattoo designs
  • Complex patterns and motifs (diamonds, spiders)
  • Based in Grand Junction, Colorado

Ryan Ashley DiCristina, a former champion of the Paramount Network’s prestigious “Ink Master” competition, is renowned for her exceptionally detailed and intricate designs.

Her work often features complex patterns and motifs, such as diamonds and spiders, that showcase her remarkable technical prowess.

She currently operates out of Elysium Studios, where she continues to push the boundaries of tattoo artistry through her innovative and meticulous approach to the craft.

10. David Peyote

David Peyote

  • Psychedelic and illustrative tattoo designs
  • Vibrant colors and surreal imagery
  • Based in Montreal, Canada

David Peyote is renowned for his captivating psychedelic and illustrative tattoo designs. His work is defined by the use of vibrant colors, surreal imagery, and a truly distinctive artistic style that sets him apart from his peers in the industry.

Peyote’s tattoos often explore abstract and otherworldly themes, resulting in visually stunning pieces that powerfully captivate the imagination.

9. Brando Chiesa

Brando Chiesa

  • Mastery of color and illustrative tattoos
  • Anime and pop culture influences
  • Based in Florence, Italy

Brando Chiesa is renowned for his masterful command of color and his illustrative designs that incorporate distinct anime-inspired influences.

His work is characterized by its vibrant and dynamic aesthetic, often featuring bold colors and intricate details that breathe life into his captivating designs.

His exceptional ability to seamlessly blend traditional tattooing techniques with modern stylistic influences has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading tattoo artists currently working in Italy.

8. Duda Lozano

Duda Lozano

  • Innovative patchwork style tattoos
  • Bright colors and textured appearance
  • Based in Piacenza, Italy

Duda Lozano, an innovative tattoo artist based in the Italian city of Piacenza, is renowned for his distinctive patchwork-style tattoo designs.

Lozano’s work is defined by its vibrant colors and textured appearance, imparting his work with a truly eye-catching and distinctive look.

An innovative artistic style has garnered significant attention and admiration from both the tattoo community and his loyal clientele alike.

7. Kelly Doty

Kelly Doty

  • Redefines newschool genre with bold line and color use
  • Whimsical and darkly humorous themes
  • Based in Salem, USA

Kelly Doty, a talented tattoo artist is known for her pioneering redefinition of the new school tattoo genre through her bold and innovative use of line and color.

Her work is characterized by its whimsical and often darkly humorous thematic elements, featuring a captivating blend of vibrant colors and intricate detailing.

Doty’s tattoos are instantly recognizable due to their distinctive style and imaginative conceptual foundations. She has established a formidable reputation for her remarkable ability to breathe life into fantastical and surreal ideas through the exceptional artistry of her craft.

6. Mambo Tattooer (Mattia Calvi)

Mambo Tattooer

  • Distinctive illustrative tattoos with bold lines
  • Blend of traditional and contemporary styles
  • Based in Meda, Italy

Mattia Calvi, who is professionally known as Mambo Tattooer, is a renowned Italian artist based in the town of Meda, Italy.

He is celebrated for his truly distinctive illustrative tattoo designs, which are defined by their bold lines and vibrant colors.

5. Alessandro Capozzi

Alessandro Capozzi

  • Specializes in dotwork, fineline, and minimalism
  • Precision and delicate detailing
  • Based in Rome, Italy

Alessandro Capozzi is an acclaimed Italian artist, renowned for his specialization in intricate dotwork, fineline, and minimalist tattoo styles.

His tattoos are defined by their remarkable precision and delicate detailing, often featuring intricate patterns and subtle shading techniques.

Capozzi’s minimalist approach is focused on creating deeply meaningful and aesthetically striking designs that resonate profoundly with his clients.

4. Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev

  • Deep and meaningful geometric tattoos
  • Complex patterns and symbolic designs
  • Based in Los Angeles, USA

Chaim Machlev is very well known for his creation of profoundly meaningful geometric tattoos.

His work often features intricate geometric patterns and shapes, resulting in visually stunning designs that are both highly intricate and imbued with deep symbolic significance.

Machlev’s tattoos seamlessly blend the realms of art and spirituality, frequently carrying profound personal meaning and resonance for his discerning clientele.

Machlev’s exceptional talent for crafting detailed and harmonious geometric designs has earned him a dedicated following and solidified his reputation as one of the preeminent tattoo artists on the global stage.

3. Jesse Rix

Jesse Rix

  • Mind-bending 3D geometric tattoos
  • Optical illusions and intricate patterns
  • Based in Keene, USA

Jesse Rix is definitely someone who deserves your attention, mainly for his creation of mind-bending, three-dimensional geometric tattoos.

His work is defined by its captivating optical illusions and intricate geometric patterns that masterfully produce a striking three-dimensional effect on the skin.

Rix’s tattoos are not merely visually impressive, but also technically challenging, powerfully showcasing his exceptional skill and unbridled creative talent as a tattoo artist.

2. Adrian Bascur

Adrian Bascur

  • Specializes in watercolor technique
  • Vibrant colors and fluid, painterly style
  • Based in Viña Del Mar, Chile

Adrian Bascur, renowned for his groundbreaking and boundary-pushing approach to watercolor tattoo techniques, is easily among the most popular tattoo artists today.

His awe-inspiring body of work is characterized by its vibrant chromatic palette and fluid, painterly aesthetic, often evoking the visual language of captivating watercolor artworks.

Bascur’s innovative tattoos effortlessly blend elements of realism and abstract expression, resulting in visually stunning and wholly distinctive designs that stand out as truly exceptional.

His pioneering approach to the craft of tattooing, coupled with his remarkable technical mastery of the watercolor medium, has rightfully earned him widespread recognition and profound admiration throughout the industry.

1. Chris Rigoni

Chris Rigoni

  • Combines realism, abstract art, and surrealism
  • Unique and original tattoo designs
  • Based in Perth, Australia

Perth-based tattoo artist Chris Rigoni is celebrated for his exceptional talent in crafting truly unique and original designs through the seamless fusion of diverse stylistic elements.

Rigoni’s remarkable ability to harmoniously integrate disparate styles and techniques has earned him immense popularity among clients seeking one-of-a-kind, exceptional tattoos.

Guided by his exceptional creative vision, Rigoni’s innovative approach to the art of tattooing has firmly established him as a standout and influential figure within the broader tattoo community.

Without any doubt, his light is yet to shine within the industry, no doubt about that.