Editorial Policy

At Jhaiho, our mission is to provide readers with accurate, engaging, and authoritative content about the tattoo market.

Editorial Standards

We are committed to providing content that is accurate, complete, and truthful. Our editorial team fact-checks all content before publication and reviews industry sources to ensure reliability.

We strive to present balanced coverage and avoid conflicts of interest. Opinions or editorials are clearly labeled as such and do not reflect the views of Jhaiho as a whole.

Editorial Independence

Jhaiho maintains editorial independence from our sponsors and advertisers. Editorial content is created independently of any commercial funding or partnerships unless explicitly stated in a dedicated sponsorship section.

Source Transparency

We prioritize sources that are reputable and transparent. Interviews and quotes are attributed to qualified individuals who are openly identified unless anonymity is necessary to protect a source.

When content involves any potential conflict of interest or is sponsored, this is clearly disclosed to the reader at the beginning of the article.

Content Creation Process

Research: Each piece of content starts with thorough research from credible sources, including books, peer-reviewed journals, expert interviews, and reputable websites.

Writing and Editing: Our writers and editors collaborate to create content that is informative and accessible. Content is reviewed for grammatical accuracy, stylistic consistency, and alignment with our editorial guidelines.

Reader Engagement and Feedback

We value our readers’ insights and encourage feedback through comments, social media, and direct communication. We moderate our comments to maintain a respectful and constructive community dialogue.

Corrections and Retractions

If errors are identified post-publication, we will promptly update our content and provide a notice of correction at the bottom of the article. Substantial corrections will be clearly stated to ensure transparency.

Authorship Guidelines

All content creators are expected to follow ethical writing practices. Contributions from guest authors are welcome and undergo the same rigorous review process as regular content.

Content Updates

To ensure our content remains current and relevant, we periodically review and update our articles, especially those pertaining to health and safety standards in the tattoo industry.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Our content complies with copyright laws and respects intellectual property rights. We avoid publishing content that could be deemed offensive or harmful.