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6 Biggest Reasons Why a Quality Tattoo Costs More!

When it comes to getting the tattoo of your dreams, the cost of the tattoo is always a big concern. It's crucial to understand the cost of a tattoo so you don't choose a design that is excessively expensive for your budget. Keeping that in mind, we have built this unique tool called the Jhaiho Tattoo price calculator! This tool's main purpose is to give you an approximate figure of how much the tattoo design you want to get will cost. It considers factors such as location, tattoo shop, tattoo type (black and grey or coloured), and most importantly, size. This tool was developed after gathering all relevant information from some of the top tattoo shops in India that might affect the price of the tattoo. All you have to do is fill out the tool, and you'll get your tattoo price right away. Stop overthinking about the cost of your dream tattoo and get that out of the way in a matter of clicks!

7 Factors that impact pricing of a tattoo


The larger the tattoo, the more expensive it becomes. Tattoos that are larger in size need more time, dedication, and equipment for completion, so the cost of the completed tattoo will be much higher. Most tattoo shops charge per square inch, making size one of the most influential factors in tattoo pricing.


In design, complexity is important. Costs will always increase with design complexity. Realistic and portrait designs are more difficult to execute, hence they will always cost more than basic tattoo designs.

bulletColor or Special Inks

Tattoos with color on them will look absolutely stunning. But those stunning looks come at a price. The use of coloured inks and special inks like neons and UV inks is bound to cost you extra.

bulletConsultation and Customization

If you want a customized design, then chances are that the artists will charge you extra. It takes effort, time, and imagination from the artists to craft the tattoo to perfection, and for that alone, they can ask you to pay an extra fee.

bulletArtist skills and experience

If you opt to choose a tattoo shop that is run by a team of well-known and experienced artists, the prices will probably be on the higher side. But the price you pay for it will be totally worth it, and you can go home smiling with a design that will absolutely stand out. Moreover, there are celebrity artists who charge even higher prices. It is up to you to choose the tattoo artist according to your wishes.

bulletTattoo style and technique

There are a whole lot of tattooing techniques that different artists use. The harder the technique is to execute, the more money you have to pay. Techniques like traditional bamboo tattooing need more effort and concentration and therefore will cost more.

bulletTattooing equipment

The tattoo machine, needles, inks, gels, and ointments, and aftercare items like wipes and wraps are only a few of the essential pieces of equipment used in tattooing. Additionally, many of the supplies used for tattooing—like needles and aftercare supplies—are single-use throwaway goods. Additionally, it is important to thoroughly clean and preserve any furniture or equipment used for tattooing (such as a chair or bed). All of this may add up to a sizable expense, and it typically does so in reputable tattoo shops where the tattooing procedure prioritizes quality and cleanliness.

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